Villager walking his Beagle attacked by pit bull at duck pond


A Villager walking his Beagle was attacked Thursday morning by a pit bull at a duck pond in his Village of Summerhill neighborhood.

Bob Westgate had been walking his Beagle named Zoey at about 9:30 a.m. at the duck pond when he spotted the pit bull a good distance away. He noticed that the pit bill was “raised up,” before the dog broke loose from its female owner.

“I heard the woman scream,” Westgate said.

The dog charged at him and the pit bull bit his 5-year-old Beagle, which weighs less than 30 pounds, on the back.

The pit bull then set its sights on Westgate, biting him on the knee and scratching at his chest.

Zoey suffered a bad bite to her back.
Zoey suffered a bad bite to her back.

Westgate was able to get a hold of the pit bull’s collar and hold it at arm’s length.

“I hate to think of what it would have been like if it had been an older woman or a child,” Westgate said.

The woman quickly collected her pit bull and rushed from the scene. She did not offer to stay or provide her name, Westgate said.

An ambulance arrived on the scene and treated Westgate’s wounds. Law enforcement also arrived on the scene and the information about the attack was turned over to Animal Control.

The veterinarian bill for Zoey was $900.