Megan Boone launches clothing line after being overwhelmed at birth of daughter

Megan Boone has launched an environmentally friendly line of baby clothing after being overwhelmed with generosity at the birth of her daughter last year.

The star of NBC’s the blacklist and granddaughter of the late Gary Morse, Boone has announced the formation of CAROLINE AGNES “a fundraising project named after my two daughters: Caroline, my only daughter and Agnes, my TV character Liz Keen’s daughter.”

After the birth of her daughter Caroline last year, Boone said she was overwhelmed.

“I was grateful to those celebrating her arrival, but had a strong feeling that gift-giving was now threatening to her future. The huge boxes, bubble wrap and synthetic toys filled our one bedroom apartment to the point we had a constant stack of recycling at the door and a revolving donation pile.  Turned out she didn’t need all of that stuff.  All she really needed were diapers, bottles… and clothes,” Boone said.

Thus, CAROLINE AGNES was born.

“At CAROLINE AGNES we are dedicated to raising money for our environment’s defenders, and providing an option for parents, friends and families with new human life in their lives to engage in more local, less toxic and less wasteful ways of gifting,” she said.

Designs are unisex so that they can be handed-down to a friend’s baby, a brother or a sister. Packaging is “post-consumer paper, minimal and recyclable,” she said.

To check out the product line, click HERE