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New sign, new season at Studio Theatre at Tierra Del Sol

The sign points the way to the Studio Theatre at Tierra Del Sol.
The sign points the way to the Studio Theatre at Tierra Del Sol.

Driving down Morse Boulevard, you may have noticed the new sign that went up, pointing the way to The Studio Theatre at Tierra Del Sol.

Artistic Director Whitney Morse is hoping the selections of the new season will prompt you to make the turn, step inside and take a seat.

“We have selected four scripts that share a common theme: Commitment. These four stories examine the many forms commitment takes in our lives—be it romantic, artistic, career oriented, or a religious commitment. We will look deeply at the confines of commitment, as well as the freedom that real commitment can bring to you, to others, to religion, or a life goal. Often, when we ponder commitment we think of the sacrifices we must make to stay true to our choice, but perhaps the benefits of commitment can outweigh the sacrifices,” she said.

The Studio Theatre at Tierra Del Sol
The Studio Theatre at Tierra Del Sol

The Studio Theatre is an extension of The Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center and is led by Morse and her husband, Jason Goedken.

The first season received high praise and it is without question that the black box-style theater has breathed new life into a location that had languished.

Here is the lineup, announced this past week.


By Joshua Harmon, directed by Trevin Cooper

Set against the backdrop of 21st Century Manhattan, Joshua Harmon’s critically acclaimed comedy asks questions about what you choose to believe, when you’re chosen. The patriarch of a Jewish family passes away, and three very different grandchildren gather at his funeral. Liam is a declared atheist, while Dapha has ferociously attached herself to every aspect of her Jewish heritage. Jonah, on the other hand, does his best to keep the peace and stay out of any arguments. When Liam brings home his shiksa girlfriend Melody and declares ownership of their grandfather’s Chai necklace, a vicious and hilarious brawl over family, faith, and legacy ensues.

A preview will be offered Oct. 31 to Nov. 2. The opening will be Nov. 3. Closing is Dec. 3.

Tickets are $15 for previews and $35 for performances.


By Terrence McNally, directed by Bobbie Bell

Four time Tony Award winner, Terrence McNally’s Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune tells the story of Frankie, a waitress, and Johnny, a short-order cook, who work together in the same restaurant. Lights up on Frankie and Johnny in the bed of a grimy 1987 New York studio apartment. Frankie is hopeful that Johnny will now put on his clothes and depart, but Johnny, the romantic, has other ideas. Through sometimes touching and sometimes hilarious banter shared over sandwiches and a song, the promise of a relationship beyond a “one-night stand” begins to emerge for these two lonely hearts.

A preview will be offered Dec 19 to 21. The opening will be Dec. 22. Closing is Jan. 11.

Tickets are $15 for previews and $35 for performances.


Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, book by George Furth, Directed by Nathaniel Niemi, Music Director Gary Powell

On the night of his 35th birthday, Robert struggles to think of a wish to make as he blows out his birthday candles. The lone bachelor, surrounded by “those good and crazy people” – his married friends – Robert is uncertain whether he should simply be happy with his lot or whether he should wish for his own romantic partner. Over a series of dinner parties, first dates, and thoughtful conversations, Robert attempts to understand the pros and cons of marriage from his diverse and frequently hilarious friends, and begins to make sense of his own persistent bachelorhood. Stephen Sondheim’s seven time Tony Award winning musical, Company is a mature, intelligent, and wildly funny look at relationships, vulnerability, and “being alive.”
A preview will be offered Jan. 30 to Feb. 1. The opening will be Feb. 2. Closing is March 4.

Tickets are $20 for previews and $40 for performances.


By John Logan, directed by Trevin Cooper

Famed abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko asks his recently hired young assistant, Ken, the loaded question, “What do you see?” John Logan’s visceral two-hander, Red, features artist Mark Rothko at the height of his career. Set in 1950’s lower Manhattan, this biographical play illustrates Rothko’s struggle as he lands the biggest commission in the history of modern art, a series of murals for New York’s famed Four Seasons Restaurant. When Ken begins to challenge Rothko, he faces the agonizing possibility that his crowning achievement could also become his undoing. This six time Tony Award winning play takes a compelling look at the ever-changing relationship between an artist and his creations.
A preview will be offered  March 20 to 22. The opening will be March 23. Closing is April 22.
Tickets are $15 for previews and $35 for performances.

Tickets will go on sale in September.

More information is available at www.TheSharonStudio.com.

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