Actress Megan Boone speaks out on EPA, water

Actress Megan Boone continues to speak her mind on Twitter.

This past week, she tweeted about a New Yorker article, “The EPA’s Dangerous Anti-Regulatory Policies.”

“The EPA is trying to lift a protection that keeps 1/3 of our population’s drinking water safe. Not OK,” Boone tweeted.

The granddaughter of Villages Developer Gary Morse has been increasingly showing her environmentalist side since the birth of her daughter, Caroline.

Earlier this year, Boone introduced a line of baby clothes with sustainability in mind.

Also on Twitter last week, Boone revealed that she is working toward an MBA in sustainability at Bard College. She noted she has taken on this challenge while maintaining a rigorous shooting schedule on the NBC hit show, “The Blacklist.”

Boone has previously re-tweeted in support of the Moms Clean Air Force, who were demonstrating on the topic of climate change, and also re-tweeted items about the Flint, Mich. water system tainted with lead.