Villages athletes haul home plenty of medals from Florida Senior Games

The 26th annual Florida Senior Games came to a close  Sunday in Clearwater. The 10-day event featuring over 2,000 athletes was once again a tremendous success.

Records were hard to come by on the closing day, but two residents of The Villages put new stats in the record book.

In the Track and Field competition at Dunedin High School, both records were set in the 50-meter dash. 

Tiny Cazel ran a 10.27, to set an 80-84 age group record for the ladies and Raymond Jansco ran a 7.93 in the 75-79 a men’s age group.

Barbara Lukens and Avis Vaught, seated from left. Peggy Peck, Dorothy Rheinhardt and Tiny Cazel, from left.

Jansco also won the gold medal in his age group in the 100-meter dash and the 200-meter dash.

The Villages’ Gary Miller teamed with Steve Wojcik, of Downer’s Grove, Illinois, to win the gold medal in the 60-64 age group of the men’s doubles pickleball competition. It was the third consecutive year the pair has won the event.

Dave Van Nice set a 65-69 age group record in men’s archery Olympic style with a score of 785.

Other gold medals from The Villages that were previously not reported follow.

Bonnie Dorr (women’s 55-59, 50-meter dash and 800-meter run), Barbara Horvat (women’s 60-64, 50-meter dash, 100-meter dash and 200 meter-dash), Ella Redpath (women’s 70-74, 50-meter dash, 100-meter dash and 200 meter-dash), Arlene Hanson ( women’s 70-74, 5K run, 800-meter run and 1500-meter run), Richard Riddle (men’s 65-69, 200-meter dash), Anna Hartman (women’s 80-84, archery barebow recurve), Michael Indian (men’s 70-74, archery barebow recurve), Gail Gibson (men’s 75-79 archery barebow recurve), John Gauger (men’s 70-74, archery freestyle limited), Charles Wilson (men’s 60-64, archery freestyle), Dariel Dodge-Diestelkamp (women’s 60-64, billiards 8-ball singles), Jill Bulmash ( women’s 70-74, billiards 8-ball singles), Peter Smith (men’s 75-79, basketball free-throw shooting and timed field-goal shooting), Ron Plano (men’s 75-79, basketball field-goal shooting), Carol Waters (women’s 65-69, free-throw shooting, spot field-goal shooting and timed field-goal shooting) and Marcia Plante (women’s 60-64, tennis singles).

Teams from The Villages that won gold medals were Village SeaBreeze (women’s 60-64, 3-on-3 basketball) and the NYPD Netminders (men’s 60-64, volleyball).

Other gold medal winners from the local area included Jacqueline Akers (Clermont, women’s 55-59, archery freestyle), Gary Perigo (Groveland, men’s 60-64, archery barebow compound), William Cisek (Leesburg, men’s 80-84, archery barebow recurve) and Michael Carpenter (Montverde, men’s 50-54, 400-meter dash).

The 2018 Florida Senior Games returns to Clearwater and Pinellas County for the fourth year of a four-year commitment, December 1-9, 2018.  See for 2018 Florida Senior Games Series Qualifiers that begin in January.

As part of its commitment to seniors and healthy living, Humana, in partnership with the Florida Sports Foundation, will be the presenting sponsor of the Florida Senior Games through 2020.