Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

Billie Tucker

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha – you poor thing.  You have truly been watching too much fake news.  Let me address a few points of your rant:

You state: Trump is using the presidency for private gain. 

Fact:  Marsha did you know that Trump’s wealth has decreased since becoming POTUS?  In October 2017 Forbes states: Trump’s Wealth Suffers Major Drop Since Presidency. 

You state:  Consider that the country seen as “the shining city upon the hill,” an example of democracy and decency for the world to emulate, and where no one is intrinsically valued less than anyone else, has, at least temporarily, ceased to exist.  

Fact:  Since Trump became President, the shining city upon the hill has seen the following: Creation of more than 2 Million jobs; unemployment at a 17 year low; stock market at an all time high; regulation strangulation on companies has been curtailed; the actual enforcement of immigration laws is back in vogue; chain migration and visa lottery program has ended; funding for our military at near record levels to rebuild our military to keep Americans safe; ISIS has been defeated; optimism is everywhere; and just yesterday a proclamation was issued stating January 2018 would be a focus on pedophiles and sex trafficking which is the a horrible stain on most communities across our nation and the world.  While you state our shining hill denigrates people – I beg to differ with the facts stated herein.  People are happy and you need to take a moment and look around and you, too, will see it, Marsha. 

You state:  The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is not for the average person.  Those earning between $49,000 and $86,000 will receive a small tax cut.  The top 1 percent gets 83 percent of the tax cut.

Fact: Stephen Moore, a former Senior Economics Writer for the Wall Street Journal and now a Visiting Fellow with the Heritage Foundation states: 

Lower-middle-class people — who make between $40,000 and $50,000 a year — will see a 46 percent reduction in taxes paid; people who make more than $1 million will see roughly a 7 percent reduction in taxes (again, the exact rate depends on what state they live in).  By the way, the left also leaves out another impact of the tax cut that helps the middle class: a higher stock market. Some 54 million Americans have 401(k) plans. At least another 40 million have IRAs or pension plans. Where do you think that money is invested? Americans should look at their 401(k) accounts right now. They are surging in value in anticipation of the tax cut.”

You state:  Trump said it repeals Obamacare.  You call him a liar.

Fact:  Here is his actual statement:  “We have essentially repealed ObamaCare and we will come up with something much better.” 

Marsha, you left off the word “essentially” and forgot to mention he is working on coming up with something much better.  Why would you do that?  Selective arguments are not trust-worthy.

As for repealing the individual mandate – GOOD!  That was one of the worst laws placed around the necks of the American citizens.  Never in the history of our nation did our government tell us to purchase a product or pay a fine if we didn’t.  That is not how we do things in America and it’s a good thing that it was repealed. 

You state:  The biggest whopper of them all is that the tax plan “will cost me a fortune, believe me!”  We don’t and it won’t.  Just repealing the Estate Tax saves Trump and his family hundreds of millions of dollars.  

Fact:  Only the richest 1,800 Americans would to pay the estate tax and that would be down from 5,000 now.   This was noted in The Washington Post and CNN also picked up this fact. 

You state:  And then there’s Nikki Haley channeling Trump the Bully stating that money to the UN and humanitarian efforts around the globe is going to be dependent on other countries kowtowing their agreement with whatever the USA bully says and does.  And she had the chutzpah to call that ‘respect.’ That statement, approved by her boss, was worthy of a dictator. 

Fact:  The decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel has been promised over and over again by former Presidents.  All Trump did was finally do it.  As the representative to the UN on behalf of the United States and her boss, the President, Nikki Haley made us all proud with her strong statement.  And as a woman, she made us even more proud that she got to deliver it to a bunch of angry men who don’t like to be told what to do yet want us to bail them out time and time again.  Her actual statement reflects strength and dignity against the real BULLIES of the world.  Statement:  Your empty, symbolic votes to single out America for our unwavering support for a country you loathe mean nothing, Haley warned delegates.  We’ve made our decision as a sovereign nation, and there’s nothing you can do about it — but we will remember your actions the next time you come, hat in hand, begging us for more money. 

Applaud Applaud Applaud – Marsha.  This is the right thing to do and somehow you find it unsettling.  What are you so angry about, Marsha?  Seriously.

You state:  Polling varies, but between 41 to 55 percent oppose the bill. One poll had that number at 70 percent.

Fact:  We don’t believe polls anymore, Marsha.  Remember the polling about Hillary’s landslide against Trump?  Polls, schmols. 

You state:  One condition that allows corruption to thrive is lack of transparency.  If Trump wants to gain back a modicum of trust, a good place to start would be to release his tax returns.  

Fact:  Where were you Marsha when Trump and millions of others were calling for Obama to produce his birth certificate?  And where we you when Congress was demanding Hillary produce her emails hidden deep in the recesses of her home? 

You state:  Most nations have their share of corrupt politicians; those feathering their nest while pretending to do the public good.  But there is a breaking point.  Government breaks down and bad things happen when public trust is lost. 

Fact:  I could not agree with you more.  Can you believe it – we found common ground, Marsha?  Because of the corrupt politicians in DC and across this great nation of ours, the people said, “Enough” and elected Donald Trump – a non-politician who loves this county and wants to see her shine again.  So many administrations have been filled with corruption and it’s being rooted out.  It’s time for people to be held accountable and the American people will not sit back if they are not.  It’s a cesspool of corruption in DC and it stinks to high heaven.  Yet, Trump and many others are doing their part to clean it up.

As for you Marsha – I would ask that you take a chill pill, do some yoga, or walk on the beach to clear your head.  Stop watching CNN and do some research yourself before writing angry letters calling our President a dictator.  Dictators don’t do the things this man is doing and usually the people are standing in bread lines.  No bread lines in America and jobs are galore for those who want to work. 

Marsha, your view of America today is based on your inability to stop and think for yourself.  You seem like a smart woman and I do hope you’ll find your path to peace that the rest of us have found by electing someone who gives a damn about us. 

I’ll end with this, Marsha.  Obama sent pallets of cash (our cash) to Iran and you guys were silent.  Trump sends tax cuts to American citizens and you guys lose your mind.  Go take that walk, Marsha, and clear your head.  It’s a great day in America and I could not be more proud of our President.

Billie Tucker is a member of the Villages Trump Club.