Floridians may finally get chance to end greyhound racing

To the Editor:

This November, the voters of our state may finally have an opportunity to outlaw the utterly barbaric “sport” of greyhound racing.

These marvelous animals are forced to live miserable existences in near-constant confinement, and are often destroyed immediately upon suffering a serious injury. Or they’ll be put down when unwanted. In all, over 400 racing dogs have been killed since Florida started keeping records in 2013. On average, that’s one dead dog every three days.

Now the Constitution Revision Commission is considering Proposal 67, which would fully outlaw wagering on dog races starting in 2020. This past Friday, the proposal was unanimously approved in its final committee hearing.

Make no mistake, dog racing is a dying industry in this country. 40 states have already banned it, and there are only 18 tracks operating across 5 states.

Now is our chance to drive a stake through the heart of this cruel industry. Contact the CRC (flcrc.gov) and encourage them to APPROVE Proposal 67.

Ben Douthett
Village of Dunedin