Trucks hauling in dirt to fill sinkholes in Village of Calumet Grove

Villagers watched Tuesday as a steady stream of dump trucks moved along the Torri Pines cart path behind McLawren Terrace.

The trucks were hauling in loads of fill which were dumped near the sinkholes which began opening up last week in the Village of Calumet Grove.

Two homes were declared uninhabitable and two were ordered evacuated until they could be inspected by certified engineers.

One of many dump trucks hauling fill dirt to the Torri Pines golf course.

Work crews were busy using a large backhoe to move fill into one of the deep sinkholes on the Torri Pines course behind the damaged houses. Also on the scene was a large Bobcat with a blade moving dirt. As the big trucks were moving along the path deep ruts formed along side the cart path. Villages golf course maintenance workers were on site, but can take no remedial action until the sinkholes are filled.

A crew works to fill in a sinkhole at Torri Pines golf course.

Two sinkholes located in the pond behind the homes also opened up Thursday and the large pond drained in a matter of hours. Both sinkholes appeared to have grown as the pond dried out.

Workers were busy in the street in front of the damaged homes.

A backhoe fills sinkhole between damaged homes as workers descend into a drain to inspect damage.

A smaller backhoe was filling a sinkhole which had appeared between the damaged homes. Earlier in the morning a crew from Foundations Services had used a remote camera to attempt to examine damage to the street drain which is located between the damaged homes and which empties into the now-drained pond. A witness said that they were only able to get the remote camera 10 or 12 feet into the pipe. Later the workmen climbed down into the drain.

One of two sinkholes in the Torri Pines golf course pond has expanded.

“That it is a real mess,” one of the workmen said.