Cement being poured into large sinkhole in front yard of home in Village of Glenbrook

Cement is being poured into a large sinkhole which has opened up at a home in the Village of Glenbrook.

The sinkhole on Galesburg Court is about 15 feet across and fairly deep.

The large, deep sinkhole opened up Friday at the home Galesburg Court. It is located about 30 feet from the front door of the residence.

Neighbors view a sinkhole at 3440 Galesburg Court in the Village of Glenbrook.

Neighbors said several trucks dumped loads of cement into the hole on Saturday. The concrete has solidified about six feet below ground level. Utility lines have been exposed and appear to be damaged. The house does not appear to have any damage.

Last September, in the wake of Hurricane Irma a sinkhole opened up at the same home. The sinkhole was right at the front door.

A sign encourages residents to attend a meeting and discuss the sinkholes in Calumet Grove.

Update on sinkholes in Calumet Grove

Remediation work continues at the site of sinkholes in the Village of Calumet Grove.

Couples are still prevented from living in two houses on McLawren Terrace. The pond behind the homes remains empty, drained by another sinkhole. Crews are installing new drain pipes leading from McLawren Terrace to the pond in which a new liner will be installed.

A sign at the site in the Village of Calumet Grove has been encouraging residents to attend a Monday night Q&A hosted by Community Development District 4 Don Deakin.