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Payback time

To the Editor:

Prior to the year 1492, and Columbus, the entire North American continent was composed of thousands of tribes of indigenous people. With the arrival of Columbus, followed by centuries of arrival of Europeans from many nations, wars between Native indigenous tribes and the Europeans, has caused the extinctions of thousands of these tribes.  Native Americans are not even represented on our flag. All they have are reservations in their name.

When this country was founded as the USA, Canada was invited to join the USA, but refused.  Mexico was never invited to join.  

And now, fast-forward to about 1948, after World War II. Israelis needed a country to call their own, and part of Palestine is now called Israel.

This started a never-ending dispute between religions and cultures, throughout the Middle East.  Each time a dispute arises, and governments are threatened or overthrown, the U.S. intercedes, and thousands of our finest fighting men and women pay the eternal price.  And so do thousands of natives in those countries.

Meanwhile, back across the pond to the area where a Columbus crew hand once shouted,  “Land Ahoy!”, we find that countries south of Mexico are having troubles with their governments being overthrown. The U.S. government pays no attention.

Civilians from these troubled countries flee, and seek political asylum in the USA, and our government pays attention..

Perhaps if the USA had gotten involved, in the Caribbean area, and helped establish solid stable forms of governments, maybe industries could have invested in these areas that have energetic labor forces. If heads of households had jobs, they might be content to stay at home, in the country they love, and grew up in.

President Trump, throughout all of his political rallies, has talked about “jobs, jobs, jobs”  Help the Caribbean area countries a bit, Mr. President, and who knows…You might not even need your wall . . . 

I have a video Narrative about this on YouTube, should you care to visit:  


Hugo Buchanan
Lady Lake

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