‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ sets new high for thriller franchise

It starts with agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) receiving his instructions via the usual tape recorder.  Right on cue, his assignment is proposed, followed by a disclaimer, then the box bursts into flames destroying itself. The Special CIA Agent is on his way to recover three plutonium spheres capable of obliterating mankind that have been stolen by a terrorist group known as “The Apostles.”

The script writers, directors, and stunt coordinators pull out all the stops.  Motorcycles and helicopters take center screen in the most exciting scenes. Publicists tout that Cruise performs many of his most perilous stunts.  My favorite is in Paris where he rides his Harley clockwise around the Arc de Triumph through a myriad of traffic going counter-clockwise.

Cruise gets great support from sidekick Simon Pegg and villainess Vanessa Kirby known as the White Widow. The show runs for about two and a half hours, but no one exits early.

“M:I –Fallout” gets an unqualified A Grade.  There is a new category at the Oscars this season for best movie outside of the usual genres.  “Fallout” is a sure to claim a nomination.  Don’t miss this show now appearing at the Barnstorm Theater in The Villages.

Jack Petro reviews movies for Villages-News.com