Megan Boone tweets her support for gubernatorial candidate in Sunshine State

Megan Boone

Actress Megan Boone has tweeted her support for a candidate running in the governor’s race in the Sunshine State.

The “Blacklist” actress this past week re-tweeted a tweet from Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum.

“There is no corporate profit worth allowing our air and water to be polluted. This planet belongs to all of us,” Gillum tweeted on Tuesday.

Boone retweeted Gillum’s message that same day and added, “Floridians love you for this Andrew!!!”

Boone, granddaughter of the late Gary Morse and daughter of Villages Vice President of Sales Jennifer Parr, previously has shown a liberal leaning with remarks about guns and the planet’s sustainability. Her views would appear to be in conflict with those of her famously Republican family.

Gillum, who will be visiting The Villages on Saturday, is in a tight race with Republican Ron DeSantis, who defeated Villages-backed Adam Putnam.