Former Hurricane Hunter with MS makes plea for chairlift at Villages pool

Jeannette and William McCauley

A former Hurricane Hunter made a plea for the installation of a chairlift at his neighborhood swimming pool.

William “Bill” McCauley, of the Village of Largo, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis upon his retirement 25 years ago.

McCauley, who uses a scooter to get around, appeared with his wife, Jeannette, at Monday’s Project Wide Advisory Committee meeting.

She said physicians have advised the couple the best thing for her husband’s health is exercising in the water at the pool.

But she described the work of loading the scooter, driving to the pool, unloading the scooter and getting her husband into the water, using the recently added chairlift at the Hemingway pool.

She said it would be so much easier if a chairlift could be put at the Village of Largo pool.

PWAC Chairman Peter Moeller asked that the installation of a chairlift at the pool be expedited. The committee voted unanimously to add the chairlift.

The McCauleys expressed their gratitude after the meeting.

“This is important. More and more people in The Villages are likely to find themselves in the same situation. We are an aging community,” Jeannette McCauley said.

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