Notorious golf cart intersection in The Villages raises concern of official

A notorious golf cart intersection in The Villages has raised concerns of an elected Community Development District 9 supervisor.

The three-way intersection is located near a cart path tunnel under Morse Boulevard just south of County Road 466A, near the Sarasota Executive Golf Course.

Northbound path traffic from Moyer Loop is regulated by a stop sign and corresponding stop bar. Eastbound (becoming northbound) traffic is given unrestricted movement through the intersection. Southbound traffic has a “yield” sign.

A sign urges golf carts to yield to oncoming traffic.
Steve Brown

A recent field visit was conducted at the site and it was concluded that, “The intersection is designed correctly to facilitate efficiency and safety.” For now, the intersection will not be altered.

CDD 9 Supervisor Steve Brown, during a discussion at this week’s Project Wide Advisory Committee, said he did not agree with the conclusion.

“I am not happy with that finding,” the Village of Fernandina resident said.

He described a potentially dangerous situation where golf carts come “rocketing” out of the tunnel.

PWAC members agreed that golf carts come “rocketing” out of the tunnel.

“Close calls are an indication of possible future accidents,” he said.

Despite his concerns, PWAC decided to stick with the conclusion that the intersection should not be modified.

“We’ll keep an eye on it,” said PWAC Chairman Peter Moeller.

A golf cart stops at the three-way intersection.
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