Methamphetamine found during traffic stop lands Wildwood man behind bars

Henry Altonio Bailey

Wildwood police arrested a man early Wednesday morning after the vehicle he was riding in was stopped for having only one working headlight.

After the officer spoke with the driver of the vehicle and then identified the passenger as 39-year-old Henry Altonio Bailey, he requested assistance from a Sumter County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit. A short time later, the drug-sniffing K-9 alerted on the area of the car where Bailey was sitting, a police report states.

Officers removed the driver of the vehicle and checked the area where she had been sitting, then asked Bailey to step out of the car. He “was acting extremely nervous and repeatedly took his hands off the roof of the car, reaching toward his pants,” the report says.

After Bailey was asked to remove the contents of his right front pocket, he tossed something into the car, the report says, adding that officers found a clear plastic bag containing a crystal rock substance sitting in the driver’s seat that wasn’t there earlier.

After the substance in the bag, which weighed 2.1 grams, tested positive for methamphetamine. Bailey, who lives on E SR 44 in Wildwood, was placed in handcuffs and taken into custody. He was transported to the Sumter County Detention Center, charged with possession of methamphetamine and held on $2,000 bond.