Pregnant Wildwood woman jailed after violent battle with scratched-up boyfriend

Kaitlyn Marie Ytsma

Wildwood police officers arrested a pregnant woman at the Peppertree Apartments on Tuesday after an altercation with her boyfriend turned violent.

When officers arrived at the couple’s apartment, located at 3861 Pepper Tree Lane, 25-year-old Kaitlyn Marie Ytsma’s boyfriend told them that he was asleep when she took his phone “and began attacking him.” The man said he wasn’t sure if he was hit with open or closed fists, but he said every time he attempted to restrain Ytsma and then let her go, “she would bite or strike him again,” a police report states.

Officers noted that the man had multiple scratch marks on both arms and his left shoulder and bicep. And Ytsma had “light bruising” on her stomach but no other injuries, the report says.

Ytsma was taken into custody and transported to the Sumter County Detention Center, where she was charged with battery. She was released late Wednesday morning on $500 bond.

Ytsma is no stranger to the Sumter County legal system, having been in the Detention Center four times since March 4, 2017, when she was arrested after driving in the wrong direction on Odell Circle in The Villages after a night of drinking at City Fire. This past January, she also was arrested on an out-of-county warrant and booked into the Marion County Jail.


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