Hearing Loss Association to learn about latest technological advances

The Hearing Loss Association of America-Central Florida will meet at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 6 in the Triple Crown room at the Churchill Street Recreation Center.

The guest speaker will be Virgi Mills, consumer engagement manager with Med-el Cochlear Implant Company.  She will share up-to-date information regarding:

MED-EL has received two FDA approvals for innovative treatments of bone conduction hearing loss. 

• ADHEAR – Stick. Click. Hear.

•BONEBRIDGE – World’s First Active Bone Conduction Implant with intact skin.

• Also introducing, RONDO 2 – easiest audio processor ever with the PLUSRONDO promotion.

• Listening practice strategies for anyone whether treated with hearing aids, cochlear implants or a hearing aid combined with the cochlear implant.

The Triple Crown room is looped for your hearing assistance. If you have any questions contact Jan Sharp at 751-4532 or Muriel Raine at murhlaacntrfl@gmail.com.