Actress Megan Boone urges support for Democratic candidate for Congress

Actress Megan Boone posted a video this week in which she endorses a Democratic candidate for Congress.

She is encouraging voters in Tennessee’s 7th District to support first-time candidate Justin Kanew.

You can see Boone’s video endorsement here:

Kanew is a political newcomer, best known as a two-time contestant on “The Amazing Race” on CBS. Kanew spent over a decade in the entertainment industry as a writer/producer of everything from digital content to feature films. He was named vice president of production and development of National Lampoon at 26, and raised $4 million dollars to produce a comedy called “Welcome to the Jungle” starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. 

Boone has been increasingly outspoken on politics and recently offered her support for Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

Boone is the star of the NBC series “The Blacklist” and the daughter of The Villages VP of Sales Jennifer Parr.