CFL Arden Jewelers has grip on championship in Week Eight

As the fall 2018 CFL season approaches it’s closing weeks, Arden Jewelers has a firm grip on the season championship as they defeated Gators Brownwood 17-13.

Arden was led by the four hits from: Maury Fjestad, Jim White, and John Ashby. Adding three hits were: Vern Benson, Bill Sass, and Tom Bortle. The Gators had four hits from Chris Iorio and three each from: Don Evans, Mark Isom, and, Charlie Clare. Phil D’Adamo, Bob Jacques, Jim Rogers, Ken Atkinson, and Frank Murth each stroked two hits in the loss.

American Portfolio Mortgage got by Babiarz 8-7.

They were led by the pair of hits from: Howard Charney, Don Melcher, Jim Gipper, John Leone, Ed Joseph, Duane Broschat, and Ron Crane. Babiarz got three hits from Mark Goodwin, and a pair each from: Jim Wiegand, Randy and Rick Murgittroyd.

Paul Davis Restorations outscored Palm Ridge Dental 13-8.

George Pugh and Bob Kelly led Paul Davis with three hits each. Smacking a pair each were: Mike Jeffries, Bob Buchanan, Ed Haith, and Vic Nucatola. Palm Ridge had two players go George Loew, Ed Niles, and sub, Tom Ramberg had three hits to led Palm Ridge. Adding a pair each were: Bruce Harlan, Stan Kozlowski, Scott King, Bruce Harlan.

Humana comes on strong to best IHOP 21-12.

Pitcher, Ed Krish, led Humana with five hits. Kevin Moore had four hits and David Hinkley, Jim Christopher, and subs, Howard Charney and Mark Hildebrand smacked three hits as Humana had 31 hits. IHOP’s pitcher, Neil Marple led his team with three hits. Adding two hits each were: Mike Bernbach, Cal Driskill, John Gouin, Rich Bergman, and Bill Reed.

Fross & Fross continues to hold second place as they win a close game 18-16 over Synergy Wealth.

Paul Robinson and Bill Nisbet led Fross with four hits each. Adding three hits apiece were: Vin Stebbins, Jim Morton, Jack Nagle, and Bob Holbert. Pitcher, Tim Carroll, helped himself by driving in three runs with a sacrifice fly and a triple. Synergy Wealth got four hits from Rick Duemler and three each by Jim Creed, Gary Coleman, and Bud Ramsey. Chipping a pair of hits were: Ray Bedford, Dale Neff, Rick Fredieu, and sub, Bob LaFrance.