Sex offender who was victim of vigilante attack moves into home in The Villages

Mark Tabor

A convicted sex offender who was the victim of a vigilante attack has moved into a home in The Villages.

Mark Alexander Tabor, 30, has has registered an address at 1577 Lemon Loop in the Village of Hillsborough.

Tabor admitted to molesting two young sisters while he was a guest in their home in Oregon in August 2011. He was sentenced in 2013 to six years in prison. He was recently released.

Tabor registered Tuesday with the Florida Department of Corrections. He will remain under supervision until 2028.

Tabor registered the 1577 Lemon Loop address on Thursday with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which tracks sex offenders.

After the discovery of Tabor’s assault on the two young girls, two men, who were friends of the victims’ family, apprehended Tabor, armed themselves with a baton and a wrench and drove him to a campground where they beat him, according to a story in the Medford (Ore.) Mail Tribune. Tabor managed to escape and catch a ride to a gas station. From there he was taken to a hospital. He was arrested at the hospital after an investigation into the vigilante attack revealed Tabor’s sexual attack on the girls.

Tabor sexually molested the girls “in a violent manner,” the Medford newspaper reported. Tabor’s attacks included forcible kissing, biting, fondling and digital penetration.

The girls, at ages 13 and 14, gave statements in court at the time of Tabor’s sentencing. The judge praised the girls’ courage in testifying and promised to put Tabor away “for a long time,” the newspaper reported.

The vigilantes, who had clean records, were sentenced to probation.