Followers of Yellow-Haired Buffoon don’t see what’s happening

To the Editor:

It seems that so many posters remain enamored with the Yellow-Haired Buffoon because he has, according to them, provided them with such an increase in the stock market. Perhaps they haven’t been paying attention, but with the volatility of the last several weeks, the Dow Jones and the S&P are matching what their positions were in 2008 at the depths of the great recession. Since The Donald was quick to take credit for the sharp increases  in these indexes over the last year or so, I have not yet heard him take credit for this recent tumultuous slump which appears to be the direct result of his incredibly inept handling of the tariffs and the Chinese situation. Perhaps those “boosters” of The Donald have eyes and they see not, and ears and they hear not. A pox on their houses!

Daniel Andrews
Village of Winifred