PWAC backs down on controversial fence at unsanctioned dog park in The Villages

The Project Wide Advisory Committee backed down on a controversial plan for a fence at an unsanctioned dog park after angry Villagers showed up in droves.

It was the #10 story in 2018 in

PWAC members had approved a nearly $5,000 fence at a three-acre parcel along the multi-modal path that parallels Morse Boulevard south of County Road 466A. A Premier homeowner had complained about the noise and smell from dogs on the public green space in back of his residence.

A Villager walks his dog on a three-acre parcel located behind the home of Villager Marvin Rosser.

The board ultimately voted to rescind the original action for the fence. The vote was 5-1, with the lone vote in opposition coming from PWAC member Don Wiley, chairman of Community Development District 10, who originally raised the issue on behalf of resident Marvin Rosser.

Wiley was re-elected to the CDD 10 board in November, but his victory was a squeaker. It was upheld after a recount.