Leesburg implements new system for customers to report electrical outages

Leesburg has implemented a new system for customers to report electrical outages. The interactive voice response trouble reporting system, which went live on Tuesday, will speed up restoration times by automating the process for customers calling to report issues with their electric service. The telephone number to report outages using this system is 1-833-223-1313

Limitations within the former telephone system only allowed it to handle 10 calls at a time. When a large outage occurred, an overabundance of calls would overwhelm the system, resulting in customers hearing an out-of-service message. The new system will make it easier to report an issue and allow the operations center to more quickly and efficiently determine the location of the problem.

The new IVR system locates information using the telephone number associated with the customer’s utility location. When calling in, customers will be asked to respond to prompts verbally or using the keypad on their phone. The system will then send an alert with information about the problem to the electric system operator who will determine the outage point and dispatch service crews. If a customer is unable to enter their information using the prompts they will be able to leave a voicemail message.

“Enhancing the services provided to our citizens is a priority for the City,” said City Manager Al Minner. “The IVR system is user-friendly and will make reporting a utility problem much simpler for our customers.”

Since this system uses information derived from the phone number associated with the utility account, it is important for customers to ensure their utility account data is up to date. Account information can be updated on-line through the Customer Service Utilities webpage at www.leesburgflorida.gov or by calling Customer Service at 352-728-9800.

Customers should continue using 352-728-9830 for all non-emergency and business related inquiries, such as reporting a malfunctioning street light, service upgrades and general electrical inquiries.