American pride is in full bloom with Donald Trump in office

John Shewchuk

Thanks to Donald Trump, we have so much to be thankful for this holiday season. All the socio-economic indicators are up and America is, indeed, once again a world leader. Trump is the gift that keeps giving … lower taxes, stronger military, better border security, and much more.  Everything he does is designed to make America great again and improve prosperity for all citizens.  As a result, President Trump’s achievements are exceptional. And for this reason, liberals hate him just like they abhor American exceptionalism. Despite liberal hate, we all benefit from participating in the American dream. If American exceptionalism was really a problem, we’d have hordes of people exiting our country rather than trying to invade it.

Gosh, it’s great to be an American, regardless of who’s president. But with Donald Trump in office, American pride is in full bloom. Trump is unquestionably the most dynamic president I have ever seen. His un-PC and unconventional methods are refreshing as he purges the smoke-filled halls of the good-old-boy political swamp. 

Trump is the true-to-life story of the acclaimed movie, Mr. Smith goes to Washington. A non-political man, elected to office, only to make good on his promises and not what the ruling party wants. In addition to his common sense approach to governing, Trump also has the intelligence and resolve to expose Global Warming as a Deep State hoax, which is just another tentacle of the hideous beast intent on establishing wealth redistribution through a socialistic world government. Trump fully knows that these communist-style movements must be continually exposed, just like cancer, so they can be defeated.

And so, unlike Bernie Sander’s “Santa Claus” approach to redistributing a working man’s wages to illegal immigrants and other pay-for-vote programs, Donald Trump is making great strides to securing citizen prosperity for all those who wish to participate in the American dream.  Each Trump rally clearly demonstrates great public support for his presidency. His devotion to the American constitution and American values are the foundation of his success. And now, after the recent elections, Donald has the full support of more Congressional men and women who are equally dedicated to advancing the MAGA agenda. The best is yet to come.

Villager John Shewchuk is frequent contributor to