My thoughts on the ‘Wall’

To the Editor:

I’ll admit I don’t know all the facts & issues concerning the current “Wall” debate. But whatever existing policies, procedures & barriers are in place don’t seem to be slowing the tide of illegal immigrants (which I understand is in excess of 10 million men, women & children). Is the Wall, the best solution? It may not be, but I venture to guess by the time we calculate the “real” cost of the current congressional indecisiveness, it would be a good start to stem the illegals tide. So far, I haven’t read or seen specifics of a better way to address this problem which has been going on for too many years. One way to quickly resolve the current government shutdown, would be to curtail the pay of all congressmen & women until this issue is resolved. Let them feel the consequences of their indecisiveness. I don’t believe this is an unreasonable suggestion. Do you?

Rick Cunningham
Village of Sabal Chase