CDD 3 supervisor calls for meetings to be moved back to Savannah Center

A Community Development District 3 supervisor is calling for monthly board meetings to be moved back to Savannah Center to provide better access to residents.

CDD 3 Supervisor Steffan Franklin raised the possibility Friday during a discussion of a proposed town hall-style meeting.

The CDD 3 board meets at 11 a.m. on the second Friday of the month at the District Office at Lake Sumter Landing. The board previously held its meetings at Savannah Center, which is easily accessible to residents of CDD 3, which includes Glenbrook, Belle Aire, Summerhill and Polo Ridge.

The CDD 3 has been exploring the possibility of holding a town hall-style meeting in the evening, something that has been done in years past by CDD 1, CDD 6 and CDD 8. The thought is that an evening meeting might provide an opportunity for residents who are busy with golf, pickleball or other activities during the day.

“It’s to our advantage to do this at least once,” said CDD 3 Supervisor Gail Lazenby.

However, fellow supervisors doubted the town hall meeting would draw much attendance.

Longtime Supervisor Tilman Dean said CDD 3 is an “older district” and most are long-term residents “who don’t have an issue.”

The discussion prompted Franklin to call for moving the meeting back to Savannah Center.

“Can we think about moving this meeting back to Savannah Center for our people?” he asked.

He noted that CDD 3 board meetings are scarcely attended and that parking is often hard to find at Lake Sumter Landing.

Ultimately, the board decided to drop the idea of the town hall meeting and keep the monthly meetings at the District Office. Supervisors agreed that residents show up only when there is a hot-button issue, such as one year ago when Village of Summerhill residents packed the board room over a “problem child” in their neighborhood.

“If there’s an issue, they’ll show up,” said CDD 3 Chairman Bill Ray.