Hands-free only when driving

To the Editor:

Distracted drivers are among the most significant causes of motor vehicle accidents in Florida.
Many states have enacted legislation to ban the use of hand held cellphones while driving as a “primary” offense. Florida has yet to do so. Currently there are two bills sitting in the Florida congress that address this issue. HB 45 “Use of Wireless Communication Devices While Driving” and SB 76 Florida Ban on Wireless Communications Devices While Driving Law”. We must insist our Florida congress take an aggressive stand and PASS this legislation in the upcoming 2019 session. Talking or texting on a hand held cellphone must be a PRIMARY driving offense with significant penalties. There is no excuse not to take immediate action in this matter. Numerous devices currently available on the internet to convert to a total hands free environment in a vehicle. Mount or other hands free technology allows for the use of GPS or navigation apps without holding the cellphone in your hand. I implore everyone to contact your House representative and senator, either by email or calling,  and insist they vote for the passage of strong “Hand Free Only When Driving Law”.

Dave Matthews
Del Webb