Man arrested after arguing with pregnant woman over her use of automobile

Gary James Flickinger

A man was arrested at a home in Wildwood after arguing with a pregnant woman over her use of an automobile.

Sumter County sheriff’s deputies were called at 1:57 p.m. Wednesday to the home on County Road 209, where 61-year-old Gary James Flickinger was taken into custody on a charge of simple assault.

A witness told deputies that he had seen Flickinger yelling at the woman and approach her in an “aggressive manner,” according to the arrest report.

The woman had been preparing to go to a doctor’s appointment when the argument broke out over her use of the vehicle. She got out of the car to explain to Flickinger that she had permission to use the vehicle.

When deputies arrived on the scene, Flickinger told them he “just wanted to be left alone by everyone, including law enforcement.”

He was taken into custody and booked at the Sumter County Detention Center.