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Real estate manager calls for help after finding drugs in Stonecrest rental home

Tammi Channel Gough

A Marion County sheriff’s deputy was called to a home in Stonecrest on Monday after a real estate manager found drugs inside the residence.

The real estate manager, who is a Villages resident living on the Historic Side, told the deputy that the former renters in the home were elderly and had moved into assisted living facility. She said she was cleaning out the house, located in the 12200 block of SE 175th Lane, when she found the drugs, a sheriff’s office report states.

The woman also told the deputy that the elderly couple had two 24-hour caregivers who would stay at the house and work 12-hour shifts. One of those caregivers, 42-year-old Tammi Channel Gough, was arrested last week in connection with prior drug charges and driving with a suspended license, the report says.

The real estate manager claimed Gough, who also was arrested this past October on a litany of drug charges after giving a Marion County sheriff’s deputy a false name, was allowing people in the house who had prior drug use issues, the report says.

Gough currently is being held in the Marion County Jail with no bond. She has a long criminal history dating back to March 1996 and has been held in the facility 17 times since then, jail records show.

The real estate agent said she found a gold-and-pink makeup bag under a sink in the home’s guest bathroom that contained multiple baggies and small pieces of foil. One of the pieces of foil with a white powdery substance on it subsequently tested positive for cocaine, the report states, adding that small pieces of cotton in the baggie also tested positive for heroin.

The deputy took the items from the home and submitted them into evidence, the report says.

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