Political correctness and identity politics

Dennis Petrucelli

As a nation we use to be pretty good at problem solving and resolving our differences, owing in large part, to our Republican form of government.  And, note that the framers always had in mind man’s propensity toward tyranny as they crafted the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Unfortunately, for the last half century or so we have allowed ourselves to drift away from the very foundation the framers devised to form this Union, and prevent it from being divided and eventually dissolved.

The two prominent reasons continue to be political correctness and identity politics. It cannot be stressed enough as how both of these initiatives are destroying civil political discourse. Their raison d’ etre, by its actors, Propagandist, is to destroy our national identity.  Both political correctness and identity politics are a direct result of years of socialist indoctrination by our academics which is why today 73 percent of young people actually believe socialism is better than capitalism. Never mind that wealth creation by private entrepreneurs improves everyone’s standard of living. A serious person would ask why didn’t the academics also teach students of the potential of socialism as being a better way to poverty as evidenced in societies such as Cuba, and Venezuela? 

The propagandist spreading these assaults across America are the political class, globalist, fourth estate, etc. who view themselves also as the intellectual class.  One clear signal being sent that explains their intent is the issue of immigration. They want both open borders and a socialist agenda for the expressed purpose of strategically destroying the middle class. They do so by encouraging caravans or importing masses of third world peoples with an attraction of “cradle to grave nanny state socialism” who do not wish to assimilate. It was reported that 64 million people living in America today do not speak English at home. Assimilation has always been the glue that united America’s great melting pot.  

Their undertaking is focused with assaults on the First and Second Amendments, which opens the door wide enough to destroy the U.S. Constitution. To wit: Robert (Beto) O’Rourke incredulous belief that the U.S. Constitution is irrelevant to today’s America. This is a guy who served in the House of Representatives for three terms and is talked about as a 2020 Democrat presidential contender.  His remarks unfortunately reflect this belief by a majority on the left.

Incrementalisms are at work here dividing the classes as they prey on human nature’s weaknesses and biases. Its this same cradle to grave dynamic (free everything) the left is touting to voters in the upcoming 2020 election. To gain and hold the attention of voters they need to invent existential threats such as religion, male toxicity, white privilege, women’s rights. 

Isn’t it disingenuous to speak ill of religion without speaking to the greater good religion has had on this nation? Isn’t it preposterous to invoke “male toxicity” as if every man were the incarnate of Joey Buttafuoco, and without including a discussion of Amy Fisher? Wasn’t Tawana Brawley who falsely accused four white men of rape in 1987 also toxic? Isn’t it hypocritical to invoke women’s rights without addressing the kidnapping of young children and slave traders trying to cross our borders? Isn’t the term “white privilege” falsely portrayed as we take note that people of all races, creeds sexual orientation have been privileged to gain from the fruits of their labor in America’s capitalistic society.  

In addition to existential threats, propagandist also traffic in stereotypes because it enables economy of effort. Propagandist falsely posit that because Donald Trump has an ego, he is anti-everything.  Ostensibly, the issue of claims made against Trump whether true or untrue would only matter if we lived under a dictatorship. We do not. The intent is distraction by denigrating Trump gaining a continuing focus to create a group consciousness, a collective, a herd who become an angry mob and an angry mob with an “Oxbow Incident” mentality. The political class are master manipulators having honed their craft over many years.  So, you may want to remember that the most important aspect of any political propaganda piece is the part left unsaid.

Dennis Petrucelli is a resident of the Village of Bonnybrook.