Man who pawned hospitalized Villager’s jewelry jailed after probation fails to set him straight

Paul Cubeta

A man who in 2015 was arrested after pawning a hospitalized Villager’s jewelry is back behind bars after violating his probation.

The woman had been transported to the hospital by EMS after suffering an injury at her home on the Historic Side of The Villages. She had removed her jewelry and given it to her friend, asking her to leave it on a table at her home.

When the woman was released from the hospital and returned home, she found the jewelry missing and notified the Lady Lake Police Department. Police discovered that the friend’s boyfriend, Paul Cubeta, who was living on St. Andrew’s Boulevard in The Villages, had pawned the jewelry on the same day the woman was transported to the hospital.

Cubeta was arrested on charges of burglary and grand theft. In 2017, he was sentenced to two years of probation.

Charlotte Gajewsky

This week, the 67-year-old’s probation was revoked. He appeared before Judge Heidi Davis and was sentenced to 10 months in jail with credit for 16 days already served.

Arrested with him in the 2015 jewelry theft was Charlotte Gajewsky, who was arrested in an infamous drug raid in 2017 at a home in the Village of Palo Alto. She was sentenced to prison after that arrest. The 46-year-old was released from prison on Dec. 14, according to the Florida Department of Corrections.