Damage to cups since rules change

To the Editor:

I play golf almost every day here in The Villages, both Championship and Executive Courses, and have noticed a lot of damage in and around the cups, since the rule was changed where you are allowed to leave the flag in.
My take is that those of us that have a hard time bending over are using their putter to retrieve the ball out of the cup while leaving the pin in.
I understand this, but please we have to find a better way to retrieve our ball, or take the pin out before you retrieve the ball.
I am not an expert but after talking with my friends we feel this is a fair assessment as to how the excessive damage is occurring.
I appreciate the effort that goes into us being provided with these beautiful golf courses so please lets do our part to help!
Please remove the pin before removing your ball with your putter!

Glenn Cunningham
Village of Collier