Village of Glenbrook man arrested after dispute with woman over credit card

Michael Passori

A Village of Glenbrook man was arrested after a dispute with a woman over a credit card.

Michael William Passori, 64, was booked on $20,000 bond at the Sumter County Detention Center following his arrest Thursday on a charge of battery. He was still in jail as of Saturday night.

Sumter County sheriff’s deputies were called after Passori got into an argument with a woman over a credit card, according to an arrest report. He had demanded her wallet, which she refused to give to him. He became “increasingly agitated” and she threw the contents of her wallet to the ground. Passori picked up a credit card that was no longer active and went to his office in the southwest corner of the residence. The woman followed him there and asked for the credit card. Passori began to point at her and accuse her of calling him names. He then put his hands on her neck and she had to slap him on the face to get away.

He was taken into custody by deputies.

Passori had been arrested last year in a disturbance at his home. He was tasered in that incident. He wound up serving 39 days in jail on a reduced charge of resisting arrest.