Stickers on mailboxes and loud music at the squares

To the Editor:

What is going on here in The Villages, let’s be for real people.
I have been here for over 8 years in The Villages, and now people are worried about the stickers on the mailbox. Get over it people. If you don’t like it here move to where you can be the mayor of you house and yard, and the neighbors don’t care.  There are all walks of life here and a little variety is not gonna hurt anyone, and maybe if you were so not worried about everyone else and maybe your own business, you too could enjoy the life.  Also on another note, I am my mid 60’s and love live music, all types but tired of the oldies, just my preference, but people if you do not like the music, don’t go, if the Hooligans, or American Martian, or Bob’s Rock Shop are playing, again it’s rock and gonna be loud.
Also bands like 4Play, and a few other a louder than the one and two person bands, so if you can write and complain, take five minutes and read the schedule, that’s all it takes, because usually the entertainment personal try to accommodate each square with a different type of music.  Enjoy life because a smile a day keeps da blues away.

Phil Cloyne
Village of Woodbury