Police called to urgent care clinic after pregnant woman attacked 

Paramount Urgent Care in Lady Lake

Police were called to a local urgent care clinic after a pregnant woman was allegedly attacked by her boyfriend.

The woman, who is 33 weeks pregnant, was with 25-year-old John Nunez-Salicrup of Belleview at 5 p.m. Saturday at Paramount Urgent Care on County Road 466, according to an arrest report from the Lady Lake Police Department. A witness standing around the corner said she could hear the pair arguing. Nunez-Salicrup then “viciously slammed” his hand into a flower pot, sending it across the room, slamming it into a door. The Urgent Care owner said he wanted Nunez-Salicrup prosecuted for the damage.

John Michael Nunez Salicrup

The woman told police he had slammed her into a wall.

Nunez-Salicrup at about 6:30 p.m. voluntarily visited the Lady Lake Police Department. He admitted pushing the mother of his unborn child into the wall, as well as smashing the flower pot “due to his anger issues,” the police report said.

He was arrested on charges of aggravated battery on a pregnant woman and criminal mischief.

He was booked at the Lake County Jail.