Taking away our treasured places in The Villages

To the Editor:

Most people objected to tearing apart Katie Belle’s at Spanish Springs and taking out the ground floor for more shops.
Not much shopping in these shops now and Katie Belle’s has changed from the grand beloved place it always was. (Remember Gunsmoke?).
Most everyone that remembers the Tiki Bar at the Orange Blossom Country Club pool area objected to it being torn out. The outdoor bar and food service was unique and the live music and games all fun. But nope, no one asked us.
The first club in The Villages was called The Silver Lake Club on the Historic Side adjacent to the Silver Lake Course.  Great food, drinks, music and beautiful setting. No more, without asking the owners shut it down. Now Billiards there. We all objected to that loss but who do we go to.  Why not let a VFW or Legion take this location over, after all there are no service related clubs within golf cart drive of any Villages.  But do the owners even care?

Ray Viall
Village of Orange Blossom Gardens