The use of money for the wall due to ’emergency’

To the Editor:

The use of funds for a emergency is dead wrong for the wall and I am so disgusted with both President Trump and Congressman Webster for supporting this issue. Listen to the polls and how most people in the USA oppose the wall.
I very well support much tighter control of the borders in other ways. More important is to use modern technology and allow border personnel the ability to stop these people at the border and tell them to apply and go to the control stations. We don’t have to let everybody in our country just because they don’t like where the live now. Make them go back and go through the proper procedures and entry points. This is how dictatorships start and Trump is not going to start it here. He is only one branch of the government. Both Trump and Webster are on the wrong side of this issue and many others.

Frank Szczepanski
Village of Summerhill