Wasps swarming at swimming pool in The Villages

To the Editor:

I have lived in the Villages for almost 7 years and have used the Hacienda Hills Country Club priority pool.  There is a major problem with wasps/bees at this pool.  I have used other Villages pools and have never had a problem.  On any given day, people kill wasps that are swarming around the pool.  Yesterday, I was bitten for the third time. There have been many incidents with other people I know.  I am one of the lucky people who is not allergic. I know at least tree people who are allergic and who have had to be rushed to the emergency room or urgent care after being bitten. And what about all of the unsuspecting guests who have gotten bitten and may be allergic?
We have all told the pool monitors many times. They are very helpful and always pass the info onto their bosses but nothing is ever done and the problem still exists. Whoever is in charge of pool and lawn maintenance needs to have this problem resolved before a potentially life-threatening situation occurs.

Adele Osrow
Village of Hacienda South