So where will the money come from to build Trump’s wall?

To the Editor:

Well, it’s not everyday that we see a President throw himself on the floor, kick and scream, demand chocolate cake because he can’t follow through on a campaign promise that Mexico would be pay for his big, bad, beautiful wall.
So, he declares a state of emergency on the anniversary of the Parkland shootings, thousands dead in Puerto Rico, the worst fires ever in California, children poisoned in Flint, people going broke over healthcare.
Who is paying for this wall? Taxpayers. Where is this money coming from? What programs will he cut? Who knows. Does he even care? No. I am waiting for the next Democratic President to declare a state of emergency on healthcare, gun reform, voting rights and climate change. Trump isn’t even qualified to be human, much less President.

Linda Hallinan
Village of Lynnhaven