Response to ‘Green New Deal will not meet America’s energy needs’

To the Editor:

This Letter to the Editor is in response to a previous Opinion piece on the Green New Deal.

Stanford University’s, which endorses the GND, begs to differ: “A new type of flow battery that involves a liquid metal more than doubled the maximum voltage of conventional flow batteries means affordable storage of renewable power (7/2018)” 

The latest assessment from The Financial Times and USB is that by 2030, solar/wind energy will be “essentially free” (Feb 2019). 

The energy plan of the Green New Deal is estimated to cost $500 billion annually for a decade ( while contributing over $500 billion annually to our economy (IPCC).

The cost of business-as-usual: $550-600 trillion, “global economic collapse” then “societal collapse” (IPCC). Americans have already paid $1.6 trillion for climate disasters (NOAA/NASA). Just a half-degree increase in global temperatures will cost $13 Americans trillion (National Academy of Sciences). 

“The costs of a Green New Deal are affordable, but the costs of inaction are literally beyond calculation.” (Forbes)

Lynn Goldfarb