Vandalism at postal station in The Villages over stickers

To the Editor:

On March 5 or 6, someone vandalized the mailboxes at the Sunset Pointe mail station. After talking to the District representative, Community Standards, the USPS, the VHA, there is no rule against stickers.
The mailboxes are controlled by the USPS who do not object as long as the stickers don’t impede mail delivery. However, some residents have been told stickers are “not allowed.” Others that “maintenance” was told to remove them.
This has happened at multiple mail stations. In addition to the unsuccessful removal of most of the stickers, paint was removed and in one case the box number was removed. The perpetrators need to be warned off and should have to make amends for the work, and in some cases distress, they’ve caused many homeowners.

Diana Hurwitz
Village of Sunset Pointe