The Villages Daily Sun’s shameful support of Michelle Malkin’s anti-vaccination rant

To the Editor:

In the Sunday, March 10 issue of the The Villages Daily Sun, the editors saw fit to publish a commentary by Michelle Malkin advocating against vaccination. 

Sadly, Ms. Malkin chooses to ignore all of the scientific evidence that shows vaccinations save lives.

Her approach, and the apparent support by the Village Daily Sun editorial staff, is shameful.

The scientific data accumulated over the last 20 years definitively demonstrates that vaccines do not cause autism.

Vaccines do not cause flu. Vaccines do not cause the diseases they are designed to prevent. We are now seeing the results of the anti-vaccine movement with a sudden uptick in the number of preventable diseases, not in under developed nations but in our own country.  Some children and adults can not be vaccinated for various health reasons. That is why schools and hospitals and other public businesses require vaccination. This creates a herd immunity effect so if an infection flares, it rapidly dies out, but the anti-vaccine groups are hurting that group immunity. The newspaper and its editorial board should be more responsible in giving credence to fringe, anti-science groups or they risk impacting the health and safety of all.

Cliff Sacks
Village of Buttonwood