Amenity fees and busted gates

To the Editor:

The recent news surrounding The Villages amenity fees, and how they are projected to continue to rise, has me wondering about the costs we incur for all those busted gates.
Any drive through our Villages, on any given day, you’ll find a broken gate. On weekends you’ll find a lot more. I recall this paper pointing out to readers that those drivers who broke down gates would be held responsible for replacing them. That the cameras positioned at the entrance gates captured license plate number and drivers’ faces. I also recall that the cost of fixing the gate was around $900 dollars. My question to each district is, do you account for how many gates were broken in your district in on a monthly basis? And more important, do you legally charge the offenders and recoup the cost of these gates and the labor it takes to fix them? Finally why are there no warning signs at the gates to indicate the fines involved?

Thomas Mcainey
Village of St. James