Thank you notes Part 3

To the Editor:

THANK YOU, George Conway, husband of KellyAnne, for questioning the sanity of Donald J. Trump.
THANK YOU, 17 Republican Senators who voted not to support the emergency declaration at the border. Kudos!
THANK YOU, Democratic National Convention, for not allowing FOX NEWS to host our debates!
THANK YOU, Edvard Munch (once again), your famous SCREAM painting is turning out to be more relevant than you’ll ever know.
THANK YOU, Tim Apple, oh! excuse me, Tim Cook, for being a “good sport” in the presence of a child.
THANK YOU, Mario Puzo, little did you know that GODFATHER II would actually happen in real life, real time.
LASTLY, A HUGE THANK YOU, Nancy Pelosi, you get the best quote of the year award regarding impeachment: “He’s just not worth it.”
These “Thank You” notes are a take on Jimmy Fallon’s , for those of you not familiar. He writes them on Friday evenings. They are meant to be humorous, sarcastic and truthful.

Linda Hallinan
Village of Lynnhaven