Stickers stripped off mailboxes

To the Editor:

This is to the person or persons who stripped all the stickers off the mailboxes at the Sunset Pointe mail station. I was shocked at the audacity that it took to remove them. Our “N” sticker was used so that we could find our mailbox quickly. What gives you the right to take all the stickers off? They call that being a vigilante and a few other things such as a busy body and nosy. How about I remove bumper stickers from your car since some of the stickers “offend” me and they look “messy”. I don’t like the political stickers and signs either but they are yours and I would never remove them. I fancy myself an expert on shrubbery and trees. How about I come into your yard and remove the plants I don’t like?
I talked to the mail lady, she said that the building belongs to The Villages and the boxes belong to the USPS. She is paid to deliver the mail, she didn’t remove the stickers. Why do you believe that you have permission to remove anything?
Why don’t you find something else to complain about like trash and litter on the sides of the streets! I agree with the people who have said “get a life”. You don’t have enough to occupy you. Take up knitting or do yard work or volunteer to be a mentor at the Wildwood elementary school. You made a bigger mess by peeling those stickers off and dropping them on the ground and they are blowing all over now. And I know you can’t bend because you did not remove the bottom two rows of stickers.

Janice Niccolai
Village of Sunset Pointe