Rare triple play in 68 & Over league at Soaring Eagle Softball Complex

According to the “68 & Over” softball league manager Matt Spanier and many of the players who were there on Wednesday at the Soaring Eagle Softball Complex in The Villages, the play was like watching professionals in action. 

The play happened when the undefeated Firebirds were in a tight game against the Challengers.

Needing something to ignite the Firebirds after the first two Challenger batters got hits in the bottom of the fifth inning, the third batter hit a blooper back to pitcher Emilo Notarantisnio for the first out. Notarantisnio threw to Steve Hall on first base catching that runner off the bag for the second out. Hall then alertly threw to catcher Bob Marino, getting the third out when the runner tried to score from third base. 

The Firebirds then mounted a hitting attack to defeat the Challengers 22 to 12, keeping their undefeated season going with only a couple of games left.

After the Firebirds’ win, one of the players was heard to say, “Another beautiful day in The Villages.”