Plenty of Bad Parking in The Villages as Snowbird Season draws to a close

Year-rounders are looking forward to April 1 when many rentals will end and Snowbird Season will draw to a close. Then they’ll be able to go out to eat without a long wait and find a place to park! Kudos to the Parking Patrol for this latest batch of photos.

“I’ll just park here illegally blocking traffic at the STOP sign of a busy intersection in Village of Fenney so I can walk over to the Fenney Putt N Play.”
Village of Duval Postal Station.
ALDI in Lady Lake
Vehicle left running under portico at Sharon Morse Medical Building.
Too close for comfort
Back of Lake Miona Recreation Center
The Villages Regional Hospital
Bad Parking at Pinellas Plaza
Straddling the line
Bad parking at Southern Trace Plaza
St. Charles pool
Bad parking in Brownwood. Not even close!
So how is that handicapped person supposed to get out of their car?
Bathroom break at SeaBreeze Recreation Center.
Farmer’s market in Brownwood
Duval postal station
Buffalo Ridge Plaza
Brownwood Farmer’s Market
Double Bad parking
Downtown Diagonal Parking
Driver dropoff?
Curbside parking at Mulberry Grove Plaza