Dirty reports dogged Cody’s manager within days of being hired to clean things up

A review of health inspection records shows that a new manager hired to clean things up at Cody’s Original Roadhouse at Brownwood was dogged with dirty reports within days of his hiring.

A health inspector on Feb. 19 ordered the immediate shutdown at Cody’s after finding roaches, flying insects and food stored at improper temperatures. The day after the closure, Cody’s issued a statement.

By March 1, Cody’s was trumpeting the arrival of a new manager, who was on a mission to clean things up. In a story in The Villages Daily Sun, details were published about checklists and clipboards with the arrival of new manager Garrett Caulfield.

A health inspector showed up March 6 at the restaurant at 3731 Meggison Road, and Caulfield may have felt like he was caught in quicksand.

Four high-priority violations were found that day:

• Raw animal food was not properly separated from ready-­to-­eat food. Shell eggs were found stored over ready-to-eat salsa in a walk-in cooler.

• An employee rubbed hands together for less than 10­-15 seconds while washing hands. In addition, the inspector found there was no soap at a hand-wash sink.

• A server handled soiled dishes or utensils and then picked up plated food, served food, or prepared a beverage without washing hands.

• Warewashing sanitizing solution was not properly set.

The inspector also found a cutting board that was “no longer cleanable” on the cook’s line at the grill station, the interior of an oven had a heavy accumulation of food debris and there was standing water inside a reach-in cooler. The inspector noted that the standing water was a repeat violation, according to the report on file with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The inspector also noted cracked floor tiles and a light not working. The restaurant was not closed, but a followup inspection was set for March 7.

When the inspector returned to Cody’s the following day, the same uncleanable cutting board was still on the cook’s line at the grill station, the floor tiles were broken, as was the light. However, Cody’s was able to show that work orders had been submitted for the broken tiles and broken light.

Inspection reports last year, showed cause for concern:

• An Oct. 15, 2018 inspection found a cook who used the restroom and did not wash his hands before returning to work, an employee with no hair restraint engaging in food preparation, a kitchen manager eating chips on the cook line and an accumulation of a black/green mold­-like substance in the interior of the ice machine.

• On Feb. 20, 2018, a health inspector found four violations at Cody’s at Brownwood. That day, a server handled soiled dishes or utensils and then picked up plated food, served food, or prepared a beverage without washing up, a high-priority violation. There were no paper towels or a hand-drying machine at a station where employees were supposed to wash their hands. There was rust found in a walk-in cooler and equipment and utensils were not properly air dried.