Bay Street Players’ ‘Greater Tuna’ tells humorous tale of sleepy little town in Texas

Don Simson

“Greater Tuna” is one of four humorous stories in a series about a sleepy little town in Texas.

“Tuna,” being the “Third Smallest Town” in Texas, takes place circa 1980, where the most exciting thing to happen is either someone’s cow got out or in this case the Judge died.

The 21 characters, men, women, children and even animals, are portrayed by two actors. Tom Young and Brian Williams do a commendable job of keeping the dialogue and hilarity moving, coupled with multi-costume changes, and even reorienting themselves into the vernacular as well as gender of the town’s residents. 

“Greater Tuna” is playing through April 28 at the Historic Theater in Eustis.

A typical day in “Tuna” opens in the studio of the local radio station “OKKK” with the usual reports of farm produce, hog and pork belly futures, weather reports, church meetings, and any other items of interest and continues until the nightly news.

The set works well with the radio station on one side, home kitchen on other side, and center reserved for a pseudo living room with an antique radio and later a car and funeral home. A lot of imagination is used during the character portrayals and their actions but the audience can well imagine what is going on and being done.

The Bay Street Players’ production  runs through April 28 at the Historic Theater in Eustis, 109 N. Bay St., Eustis Tickets can be reserved at or by phone at (352) 357-7777.