Villager in golf cart caught with marijuana released by police so he can make tee time

A 77-year-old Villager who ran a stop sign in his golf cart and was caught with marijuana was released by police so he could make his tee time.

Robert Power, of the Village of Rio Grande, had been driving a golf cart at 2:32 p.m. April 4 when he ran a stop sign at Del Mar Drive and Rio Grande Avenue, according to an arrest report from the Lady Lake Police Department.   

As the police officer approached the golf cart, the aroma of marijuana was detected. Power turned over two Altoids tins which contained marijuana and admitted he had three devices for smoking marijuana. He claimed he had a medical marijuana prescription in Massachusetts but admitted it was not valid in Florida. He could not provide any documentation backing up his claim of a Massachusetts medical marijuana prescription.

He was issued a notice to appear in court to answer to a charge of possession of marijuana.

“Robert was then released on scene to make his tee time at 14:59 hours,” the officer wrote in the report.